Love Your Pets and a Clean Carpet Too!

ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations knows how much you love your pets and how important they are to your family, but they can also be hazardous to your carpets! We offer a special pet odor treatment that neutralizes the odor and removes stains that can develop from pet urine or vomit. In most cases, our standard carpet cleaning will take care of these problems. Our pet odor process not only treats the carpet, but the padding as well to ensure your house stays smelling and looking clean!

Pet urine and other sources of odor can be tough to tackle on your own, and identifying where in the house the smell is coming from may be difficult. Unlike mud or dirt, sources of pet odor can be difficult to see. If not treated correctly, the particles that are causing the odor may be tracked throughout your home. If a pet has an accident in the home, the lingering scent can also lead the pet to intentionally repeat it. Our powerful hot water extraction carpet cleaning technique and special pet odor treatments get the source of the odor deep down in the carpet and pad to fully eliminate the odor.

For a fresh-smelling, thoroughly cleaned carpet, call us today.