With strong odors from smoke damage or after a fire, specialized professional treatment processes and equipment are essential.
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When restoring a property after a fire or smoke damage, multiple treatments and wet and dry solvent methods are often necessary to remove odors.

Air Scrubbers
After a fire is out, smoke and odor particles linger in the air for days. This can cause breathing difficulties alongside the terrible smell. Our air scrubbers utilize High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems to extract these harmful and unpleasant particles, leaving the space cleaner and restoring safe breathing conditions.

Thermal Fogging
We use a powerful deodorizing agent to eradicate odors. This covers all spaces where the smoke may have reached. Thermal fogging must be performed on-site, and requires that no people, pets, or plants be present during the treatment itself.

Ozone machines produce an oxidizing agent that extremely effective for deodorization. This treatment is harmful to people, pets, or plants if they are present while the machine is running.

Our odor removal experts will discuss the best cleaning and odor removal treatment plan with you. If you have any questions or concerns about an odor removal method or any other stage of the smoke and fire restoration process, our technicians are always happy to answer your questions.