Keep your home safe with dryer vent cleaning

small file_RES_Air_Duct_Inside_Duct
All dryers vent their exhaust, including some lint, through a duct that must attach to the machine. Ducts made of flexible plastic or flexible foil can create a fire hazard by sagging and trapping flammable lint inside.

“More than 13,000 fires a year start in laundry rooms in the United States, resulting in 10 deaths and $97 million in property damage. Nearly 4,000 of these fires arise from lint buildup that occurs when people fail to clean their dryer vents.”  2008 CONSUMER REPORTS

Is your dryer taking more than one cycle to dry?  If so, you probably:

  • Are wasting money on higher electric bills.
  • Are wasting money on higher gas bills (if applicable).
  • Are aging your clothing faster.
  • Is overheating your dryer are causing unnecessary wear and tear leading to expensive repairs.
  • Will have to buy a new dryer soon.


You could call ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations to get your dryer vents cleaned to save time and money, and gain assurance that your dryer vent is safer and more efficient. Contact us today!