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CE Classes Offered

All classes are ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations and Texas Department of Insurance approved and certified courses.  Instructors are competent in the field in which they teach and use multi-media presentations that are professional and effective.

Smoke and Odor Mitigation 3 CEU’s TDI # 10835:

This training program is designed to educate you and your staff on how to reduce smoke and odor claims in many of your property losses. Quick response by qualified personal is very important. Why smoke effects what the fire doesn’t. Where acid gases flow and the damage they cause.  How odor perception becomes a reality.

Water Damage Mitigation 3 CEU’s TDI # 18873:

This training program is designed to educate you and your staff on how to reduce the size of many of your property losses through water loss mitigation. If a mitigation specialist is sent out immediately, many dollars can be saved. Mitigation specialists are trained to stabilize the damage and keep it from becoming worse. The result is less damage, lower cost, improved loss ratios, and satisfied customers.

Mold Remediation 3 CEU’s TDI # 18867:

This training program is designed to educate you and your staff on how to reduce mold claims in many of your losses.  Why mold grows indoors. The health effects of mold. How mold should be removed.  The secret to preventing mold in the first place. Your customers are not trained to think about things such as water migration and damage from smoke or mold.

Restorative Structural Drying 6 CEU’s TDI# 18871:

This course will demonstrate how advances in the science of drying have changed the way a restoration professional approaches a typical water damage claim, providing more opportunities than ever before to dry out and save the building materials rather than replace them. The course will cover the new tools, technology and science of evaluating, diagnosing, restoring and completing a structural drying project. With this class we normally teach for 3 hours in the morning starting at 9:00 am have a lunch break at 12:00 resume class at 1:00 and end the class at 4:00 p.m. With a small break at every hour in between.

Ethics For Insurance Professionals 2 CEU’s TDI # 11263:

This class not only deals with basic industry standard ethical behavior, but guidelines to decision making, ethical nomenclature and insight on factors that can effect ethical and professional behavior. These newly state approved and interesting classes are unique to ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations.

Insurance Ethics 3 CEU’s TDI # 10833:

This 3 hour class is also titled : “If You Don’t Live It You Don’t Believe It”  and is a nationally recognized class that delves into insurance ethics from a legal, moral and social perspective. It is distinct from the other offered ethics classes and is also a state approved CE class.

Water Mitigation for Manufactured Homes 3 CEU’s TDI # 25513:

This class is designed to teach agency staff and adjusters about the particular nuances of water mitigation for manufactured (mobile) homes. The basic principle is the same, Don’t Hesitate To Mitigate. Trained specialists can help prevent further damage by the appropriate application of scientifically proven procedures for moisture mitigation thereby reducing damage and loss.

Furniture Restoration 3 CEU’s TDI # 10837:

This class introduces the student to the ever growing sophistication of furniture restoration and cleaning. Proper and timely treatment of water or smoke affected furniture can prevent costly replacement, thus helping to improve loss ratios and needless expense. The student will also learn the steps in determining whether a piece of furniture is salvageable and thereby able to be restored.

Packing Out A Water or Fire Event 3 CEU’s TDI # 25511:

This class goes into detail about the timing and process of packing out the contents of a structure.  It is important to understand why this is important, the how and why of inventory and what happens once the contents are taken to the restoration and storage location. It will give insurance professionals working knowledge of the process to help communicate with policyholders.

Subrogation Reporting on Mitigation Claims 3 CEU’s TDI # 31375:

This course is to help agents and adjusters control claims costs through subrogation investigation and reporting and to teach them the value of mitigation first responders in achieving this objective. 

Insurance Fraud 3 CEU’s TDI # 31379 :

This course focuses on the history, laws and statistics relating to the fraudulent insurance crimes that take place every day in America.

Errors and Omissions in the Insurance Industry 3 CEU’s TDI # 31377 :

This course will look at E & O from multiple angles. Error & omissions lawsuits can be one of the most frightening experiences for an insurance producer. With an ever-changing litigious society, the chances are increasing greatly.

Flood Insurance 4 CEU’s TDI # 80937:

The Flood Insurance course will demonstrate the importance of flood insurance. Different areas will be explored including NFIP, FEMA, ect. The attendees will leave with a better understanding of how the flood insurance program works, its origin, how it is coordinated and who can be a part of this program.

Handling a Hoarding Dilemma (In the Claims Process) 3 CEUs TDI #96790:

This new class was developed by Matt Paxton of reality TV’s Hoarding and Extreme Hoarding shows. The class examines the complexity of resolving a water or fire loss when in a hoarding situation. It deals with the mind of the hoarder, types of hoarding and the particular nuances in successfully mitigating a loss.

RestoreSmart with Soft Goods & Textiles 1 CEUs TDI #120549:

This class explores the history of drycleaning before moving forward to discussing the evolution of restoration drycleaning and soft goods processing. The class also discusses the challenges that an insurance professional might run into with soft goods and textile including hoarding situations as well as exploring cost savings of restoration versus replacement. This is a 1 hour course.

One Hour “Lunch and Learn” Classes

(The following one hour classes are introductory, yet instructive, in nature.)

  • Introduction To Ethics For Insurance Professionals #19985
  • Understanding Mold Remediation #82204
  • Understanding Smoke and Odor Restoration #82205
  • Understanding Water Mitigation #82206