ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations (SMAR) is a family owned organization offering full service disaster restoration, water damage, fire damage and carpet cleaning to the DFW Metroplex and beyond. Dan and Amy Fry opened their doors on September 11, 2001.  Amy’s brother Max Kuntz has been a partner in the business since January 2003.  Max is a former high school Physics teacher.  He puts much emphasis on training and education.  Therefore, all of our technicians are trained by the IICRC.  Dan, Amy and Max know that if their technicians are fully trained, their customers will get better service and satisfaction.  They have not forgotten what it is like to have someone come into their home and provide a service.

SMAR has built a great name as important players in disaster restoration relief work from the hurricanes and storms that hit Florida in 2004, 2005 and in 2008.  Hurricane Katrina provided an opportunity for SMAR to help their neighbors in New Orleans and surrounding areas.  Helping neighbors in Beaumont, Houston & Galveston during Hurricane Rita, and more recently during the effects of Hurricane Gustav and Ike.  Whether it is close to home; or in southern California during 2007 devastating fires, or floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, SMAR has always been a part of the healing process.  Providing peace of mind at a time when everything seems to be at its worst gives the Frys the motivation to travel great lengths to lend a helping hand.

ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations was also called to help with the disaster restoration of the Pentagon when the building was severely damaged in the attack. More than five million square feet of the building was affected by the devastating blast and ensuing fire. More than 300 ServiceMaster technicians were involved in the 9 1/2 week clean-up effort.

Building a great company means surrounding yourselves with quality individuals that take a true ownership for all their responsibilities.  ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations has hired and trained some the very best qualified technicians, estimators, production coordinators, construction coordinators, office staff, and sales and service personnel.  Pride in their company and pride in the impact that each person gives to this company ensures that SMAR has a very bright future.

Never forgetting where they started and who helped them get where they are, the Frys always appreciate the satisfaction of hearing from customers that have been touched by their service.  When you can make a positive impact on a person’s life at a time when all seems to be going against them, it makes you feel like you have a true purpose.